Beautiful Milieu magazine featured our recent project of a Tennessee farmhouse located on a bucolic 400-acre ancestral homestead called Bloomsbury Farm.

The magazine shared the story of Bobby walking the land with the owners, and returning with drawings of his vision for the property. The owners responded by saying, “He brought us plans, we took a look and we changed nothing. It was the most pain-free design process.” That response warms our hearts and confirms our vision is shared.

Bobby calls the project “Modern American Gothic,” and he created drama with the elegant simplicity of scale in this home. Every room was carefully considered; the kitchen feels like a minimalist sculpture while the floating sink in the mudroom creates a dynamic effect.

When this project was complete, we realized that pain-free design is something for which we’d like to be known.


  1. Letty McAdams says:

    Fabulous as always!

  2. Olga Pizzi says:

    Creating an appropriate style for each project, that applies, is a difficult task, and not one which many architects can do or even understand to be an option. It offers a client a custom home and a custom style, all their own. I admire the work of this company. It is a true jewel amidst the design firms of our time. Bobby, Greg, and their team, separate the men from the boys. Congratulations on this project. It is easy, comfortable, unassuming, like a rural house should be. It is breathtaking.

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