a sense of workplace – two

October 30th 2012 Comments: 2

Originally germinated in Montgomery, Alabama, MBF Interiors has grown into a partnership of offices in Nashville, Atlanta and New York and works with McAlpine Tankersley clients as well as others nationwide.  One constant of the firm is affection for change.  In many ways this “band of gypsies” is happiest searching … [read more]

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a sense of workplace – one

October 23rd 2012 Comments: 4

Our first office (shingle firmly installed by Bobby McAlpine in 1983) was a small space in a 1920s strip shopping center in downtown Cloverdale in Montgomery, Alabama. The space was lovingly dubbed the “cat box” due to its narrow fourteen foot width. That was the testing ground for our first … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Office Design Details

plan views

October 16th 2012 Comments: 13

Richard: “Good Morning, McAlpine Tankersley”. Caller: “Do you guys sell house plans?” Richard: slams the phone down (not really. actually he’s usually very nice to them). This scenario happens often. Its as if our entire office’s combined talents, college educations, decades of experience and multiple professional licenses have reduced us … [read more]

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an october prayer

October 9th 2012 Comments: 5

In 2011, he spent the entire year composing a special prayer for every month. He explained that he felt these words welling up within him and they yearned to to be put to paper. At Christmas he presented the collection, entitled “Catechisms”, as a gift to his family and friends; … [read more]

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porch songs

October 2nd 2012 Comments: 5

The crisp air at the onset of fall is best partaken of and savored in one place – the porch. Traditionally, the porch is the anteroom of the house; an architectural purgatory that is neither the street nor the foyer. The welcome mat of rooms, it’s where you sat in … [read more]

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