a romantic site for a nuptial rite

September 25th 2012 Comments: 4

I recently attended the wedding of a client and friend’s son. The setting was the Blount estate, a grand, old Georgian home where we were commissioned (some years ago) to design a private chapel on the property and an English conservatory addition to the house. These proved to be a … [read more]

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seating group dynamics

September 18th 2012 Comments: 0

This question is often asked of us. Some assume we visualize the house as an object in the landscape and begin there. Some architects do work this way; they see buildings as sculptures meant to be inhabited. We, however, design from a different perspective. We approach the creation of a … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Interior Design

no white after labor day?

September 11th 2012 Comments: 3

Historians think this maxim stems from class divisions at the turn of the century when lightweight clothes were a symbol of the well-to-do. Back then, Labor Day marked the time the affluent returned from vacation, stowed the summer clothes and went back to school and work. Whether or not you … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Living Room Design

an author’s kitchen

September 4th 2012 Comments: 9

“That chandelier is very phallic. Or maybe it has just been a long time for me!” “Wait, someone actually wrote that?” Joanna, a writer, asked me during a recent interview for a USA Weekend article. “Yes, when my not-so-usual kitchen was published in House Beautiful magazine’s February 2010 issue, it … [read more]

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