mirror, mirror on the window

March 19th 2013 Comments: 2

It’s a shining precursor to the day’s first cup of coffee. With this in mind, one time-honored Southern room-type makes a perfect model for the design of a bathroom – the sleeping porch. In historic Southern houses, the sleeping porch was traditionally located off a major bedroom and served as … [read more]

vanity fare

January 8th 2013 Comments: 4

As an architect, there are certain key elements found in the typical modern house that are so much fun to design. The entrance door. The kitchen island. Fire fronts. None offers more opportunity for sheer theatricality as the master bath vanity. These altars of self-exaltation beg for over-the-top design flourishes. … [read more]

half bath, whole hog

July 24th 2012 Comments: 5

The simple pedestal sink and squeaky medicine cabinet of old has been replaced by garden urns, stone troughs and ornate gilt mirrors. The modern powder room is a miniscule exercise in set design, evoking everything from scared baptismal fonts to the natty English yard man’s garden room. As designers, it’s … [read more]

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