a june prayer

May 28th 2013 Comments: 6

School is out and I am about and free to be. If I were any happier there’d be two of me. Hence the seed Hence the notion Teenaged month. Why isn’t there one to share the wealth of feel? Gills open. All inclusive. I emit invitation. and connection, a courtly … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Furniture

house of a different color

May 21st 2013 Comments: 4

This particular house is a late 1800s Victorian in an historic designated district. This means we can change very little, architecturally, on the house’s exterior. The outside color scheme, however, is fair game. Therefore, it’s our sole exterior opportunity to make a design mark. I’ve become curious about doing an … [read more]

Staff Postcards

May 14th 2013 Comments: 1

On his sojourn this year, Charlie’s painterly eye was caught by some of Rome’s more deceitful architectural masterpieces. Here are a few of his correspondences: 18 April 2013 Good Morning! “Virtual Reality” One of the most intriguing aspects of Roman architecture is it’s theatricality. The line between reality and illusion … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Travel

wall to wall

May 7th 2013 Comments: 5

Today, walls get their due spotlight.  The wall plane is by far the most beheld of all room elements (it’s is at eye level, after all).  Dressing the wall, however, can go far beyond the drab frock of sheetrock.  Here are some examples of where we took the concept of … [read more]