shutter at the thought

July 30th 2013 Comments: 13

What other element found on the common everyday building can actually move and change the mood of said building?  Their very presence enlivens an otherwise static composition. Shutters, though, aren’t t just wooden bells and whistles; they were always meant for practicality. They were originally designed to provide protection from … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Home Design


July 23rd 2013 Comments: 5

I polled Bobby McAlpine and Ray Booth and asked them what beautiful Gotham spaces haunted their memories.  Expectedly, their choices mirrored some of my own.  In no particular order, here are our top ten: The Temple of Dendur in the Sackler Wing, The Metropolitan Museum of Art The combination of … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Travel

stool of thought

July 16th 2013 Comments: 3

That’s precisely why we architects and designers exist as a profession. After all, just about anyone can draft a house – a room – a chair; that’s base vocational training. When sculpture results in the manufacture of the everyday, then shelter and gear venture into the realm of art. Take … [read more]

the poet of place: a birthday honor

July 9th 2013 Comments: 6

I was pondering all the words, both profound and profane, I’ve heard from him in the past 28 years of our relationship.  I wish I could relay these but his thought process, passion and humor are hard to describe;  you just have to experience them.   The best print interview … [read more]

all the shingle ladies

July 2nd 2013 Comments: 0

Created here in the good old USA, houses of this ilk populate our every coastline, their lineage traced from charming sea shanties to sprawling mansions – a virtual family tree of tree-clad structures. Romantic by nature and beloved by many, this style’s architectural evolution was not a result of aesthetics, … [read more]