Still Life Living

April 30th 2015 Comments: 2

With origins in the Middle Ages and Ancient Greco-Roman art, still-life painting emerged as a distinct classification and professional specialization in Western painting by the late 16th century and has remained a significant artistic genre since then. Can we, though, integrate this type of frozen artistry in our daily lives? … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Horrell Home

the prints of egypt

April 23rd 2015 Comments: 11

As far back as I can recall, mine has always been Egypt. Back before there was Google or Wikipedia, there was this thing called “The World Book Encyclopedia”. This bulky compendium inevitably sprawled over an entire shelf in everyone’s rumpus room in the ’60s and ’70s. The “E” book (no, … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Travel

grecian yearn

April 16th 2015 Comments: 3

This year, the immortal city of Athens, Greece was the setting for the assemblage. Considered the cradle of classical architecture, Athens was an apt backdrop for our annual convocation. The city of Athens has always been one of my “bucket list” items. How can one possibly call oneself an true … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Travel

collaborative efforts: page duke landscape architects

April 9th 2015 Comments: 4

On our design paths, we sometimes meet similar souls; recognition sparks and at once, our efforts are made better. Such was the case 20 years ago (wow, time flies) when we met Ben Page and Gavin Duke of Page Duke Landscape Architects. Ours was such a natural marriage, we immediately … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Exterior

manhattan project

April 2nd 2015 Comments: 5

We’ve been playing a design ping pong game where he will send me a real estate floor plan (these are common in New York apartment listings) and I quickly do a renovation scheme. This allows him to evaluate the potential of the apartment before he makes an offer. ┬áIt’s a … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Floor Plan