Home is inside us — the place
where we find everything
that is true.

Home is the place that mirrors our hearts. Your physical environment keeps you in full awareness of where you are. If you can find your way to live in the house within you, then you not only create an enormous and broad offering to yourself, but also to those you love. Always responsive and receptive, we find sanctuary in a place that mirrors our soul. The best house is the house that looks like how we feel inside.


After thirty years of crafting houses, the McALPINE partners have embraced the future welcoming the firm’s natural evolution into a fully integrated architectural and design firm: a hands-on design enterprise devoted to its clients, one that nurtures and trains talent while creating the most beautiful houses in the world. Named McALPINE, the evolved entity spans a metaphoric roof over its formerly distinct, though related, architecture and interior design offices. Now, as a unified design family, McALPINE has the enhanced power of creativity that comes from combining forces.

With longstanding headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee – and expanded offices in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia, McALPINE enjoys expansive reach with projects across the country – while honoring its treasured Southern parentage.