I know a place

June 26th 2012 Comments: 2

Sometimes when I am lost I fall into a kind of trance as if sleepwalking find myself unconsciously falling toward a place known by few though by some Its architecture began long before I get there, for it transcends the physical. Though I go alone, I always carry someone with … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Blount Park

court/house wedding

June 19th 2012 Comments: 3

In residential design, much emphasis is given to the entrance sequence, mainly the door and the foyer just for this reason. It’s the designer’s opportunity to play an overture to introduce the play within. In most instances, however, the visitor’s welcome to the home is not arrival by foot at … [read more]

Wall to Enthrall

June 12th 2012 Comments: 8

“If you see a wall that needs something on it, let me know.” Those were the parting words of our friend and host last fall as Mark Montoya and I left the villa he and his sister have on the Amalfi coast of Italy. And, so began one of the … [read more]

enchanted garden

June 5th 2012 Comments: 17

When the collaboration is at its best, your host offers himself up and, in the end, teaches you more.  Such was the case of this client and his Lake Martin, Alabama home.   He came prepared for our first meeting with scores of sketches and even more ideas.  With this … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Gardens