holiday of reflection

December 25th 2014 Comments: 5

We throw the brakes on our breakneck pace and halt for a while. The design marathon, tirelessly trod during the year, ends and the time comes to back up and look at the picture we’ve been painting.  Of course, this allows us time to spend with our patient, oft neglected, … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Exterior

mantel of responsibility

December 18th 2014 Comments: 0

The gaping maw of a fireplace with its flames ablaze provides warmth both temperate and temporal. Our love for this primitive fixture is evident by our time-honored desire for placing beloved objects around its chasmal opening. We honor its presence by decoration; treasured adornments almost act as sacrificial offerings to … [read more]

the (digitally) printed works: TRADhome fall 2012

December 11th 2014 Comments: 1

A Tale of Two Styles:  Country When most people think of design in the Music City, contemporary rarely comes to mind.  Enter a new style in the New South, where country and city looks often meld. Case in point is the latest project from designer Ray Booth and the team … [read more]

cabinet position

December 4th 2014 Comments: 24

Nothing screams “suburban kitchen” like an unending line of squatty in-your-face cabinet doors. I know, I know, people always say “but where will I keep a glass?”. Trust me, there are much more attractive ways to solve this problem – and ones that pre-date the advent of the 1950s kitchen. … [read more]