burden of roof

March 26th 2015 Comments: 1

No, like most historic architectural elements, these devices have their roots in good old-fashioned practicality. Heat rises, which tends to build up in attic spaces creating a hot, damp and mildewy environment. Back before houses were hermetically sealed and insulated within an inch of their life, monitors and dormer vents … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Clock

a conservatory of hope

March 19th 2015 Comments: 10

When I arrived at the meeting, I was surprised to see a fellow not normally associated with the zoo. Dickie Blondheim and his exuberant wife, Joy, are the founders and heads of The Joy to Life Foundation, a dynamic organization promoting hope and awareness in the field of breast cancer. … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Watercolor

ice box tops

March 12th 2015 Comments: 15

Over the years, we’ve come up with a number of ways to beautifully and gracefully accommodate this unwieldy frigid casket. Following are a few of our adroit solutions. Here, the unit is paneled in a stained pecky cypress.  It’s mass is balanced with a matching pantry cabinet which mirrors the … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Kitchen

the catbird’s out of the bag

March 5th 2015 Comments: 2

The Catbird Collection (you gotta love that name) is debuting tonight in Houston, Texas at a soiree hosted by Ruth Gay of the famed Chateau Dominigue and the stunning new Milieu magazine. Cindy graciously invited a few of her designer friends to contribute to this new collection; Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier jumped … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Upholstery