ascending order

May 29th 2012 Comments: 4

On the contrary, stairs can be fluid, poetic gestures in the architectural landscape, waiting patiently to whisk you away. The act of ascending (or descending) stairs is really a vertical crossroads in the journey. Traversing to another viewpoint; a new perspective is added to the walk. Crawl atop to the … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Giles Home

on finding home

May 22nd 2012 Comments: 5

I rest along the way in this beautifully set camp of my making But it is only a marker of what I know now it is not meant to hold For I love to fall through water in the moments when rush parts And brushes back to touch and accept … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Fireplace


May 15th 2012 Comments: 72

Thanks for being so interested in our ramblings, musings and images. To show gratitude to our readers, we’d like to welcome spring with our first giveaway. Everybody loves beautiful weather, budding life and free stuff. The prize is our little book, “Finding Home” (uncoincidentally the name of this blog ). … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Finding Home

changing hands

May 8th 2012 Comments: 3

This is not the rule; it’s actually a rare exception. Over the past 30 years we’ve had hundreds of our houses trade hands and it’s always interesting to watch into whose hands they fall. In the early 1990s, we designed a large, contemporary home for a couple on a difficult … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Press

redefining dining

May 1st 2012 Comments: 5

The dining room. It’s the space we were traditionally made to sit up straight and behave for a few excrutiating hours during holiday dinners.  It’s also the room we couldn’t wait to leave.  I think it’s because we seldom go in there; it’s simply not on our daily radar. Sometimes … [read more]

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