adolescent adulation

March 27th 2014 Comments: 11

 While car tripping up the Southeast coast, my wife and I have become decidedly amused by the college tours. As a matter of fact, our eye rolling is beginning to rival our daughter’s. We’re of the age where we were thrown by our parents into college with the old-tried-and-true-sink-or-swim method.  Welcome … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Brown Home

waterside effects

March 20th 2014 Comments: 3

Situate these enchanters near a lake or bay and their allure increases as they echo across the water’s mirror surface. Their reflections become both literal and meditative.  Finding refuge in these structures is a serene joy; their simple offerings harbor the soul and calm a troubled mind. So prop your … [read more]

the printed works: veranda jan/feb 2014

March 13th 2014 Comments: 3

Designer Susan Ferrier reacts to strongly masculine architecture like a grande dame storming a men’s club. Give her empty rooms composed of virile materials and strict, cerebral grids, and she’ll treat them with furnishings that are boldly voluptuous, a tad rustic, and movie-star glamorous. This gracious stone residence in Mountain … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Living Room Design

new year, new look

March 6th 2014 Comments: 2

A few months ago we gave our website a total makeover. Today, I’m happy to announce our blog, “Finding Home”, has also received a new look. I’ve got many exciting new articles, thoughts and shares in store for 2014. I hope you enjoy our digital renovation. Look around and please … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Flowers Home