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March 20th 2014 Comments: 3 Topics: ,

What is it about outbuildings that cause such a broad smile? Their quaintness always elicits a contented response.  Maybe it’s because, unlike us, they are unburdened by the stress of program. Free from the tedious load of daily need, these follies soar in imagination and invariably charm the landscape.
3b4e5c617f3a6075788a69a7ea2d922fSituate these enchanters near a lake or bay and their allure increases as they echo across the water’s mirror surface. Their reflections become both literal and meditative.  Finding refuge in these structures is a serene joy; their simple offerings harbor the soul and calm a troubled mind.

So prop your feet on the rail, gaze over the water and know solace indeed. After all, nature’s basins are excellent brain washers.


Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley


  1. Rita says:

    I love the colors of the buildings in the first and last photos. Do you know what the paint color is for these two buildings?


  2. Deborah Goldenstein says:

    Your evelations, interior elements, and architectural details leave me breathless. They are the past and the future perfectly married with organic, clean lines. I just want to see and learn more…so inspiring.

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