100 proof

December 31st 2013 Comments: 0

I’m also including a few paparazzi pics from the AD100 announcement event that took place at the Four Seasons Pool Room in Manhattan last month. This is an esteemed group of 100, of which we are honored to be called a member. I eagerly anticipate our next 100 posts. Thank … [read more]

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a december prayer

December 24th 2013 Comments: 3

Walking timidly, toward Christmas not trusting what I know to want or confess. I am humbled by design, by all I’ve gotten and squandered. The destinations I’ve mispronounced. The answer hovers in the air around me too familiar too see. It is “something to pray for” that is haunting me. … [read more]

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kitchen staff

December 17th 2013 Comments: 3

On this blog, we show a lot of the work we do for others but today, I’d like to open the doors to some of our staff’s homes – in particular, the kitchen. Here’s what a few of our staff have at home on the stove. During Bobby’s residency in … [read more]

social butterfly

December 10th 2013 Comments: 2

Of course, that was only the springboard of his research. He told me he learned enough about our work and the feel of our firm by our website and social media to pique his interest in working with us. I’m certainly not part of the X,Y or Millennium generation.  At … [read more]

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open house: windy city country house

December 3rd 2013 Comments: 5

This English country style inspired home was our first commission located in Hinsdale, a bucolic neighborhood and Chicago bedroom community. The house is situated on a long, narrow corner lot.  Given the difficult nature of the property, the design of the house realized itself as a one-room deep house. This type … [read more]

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one in a hundred

November 26th 2013 Comments: 13

This is the second time we’ve been included in this biannual list. The first time was in 2012 when editor Margaret Russell was placed at the helm of the grand old ship. Bobby McAlpine, Ray Booth, Susan Ferrier, Chris Tippet, John Sease and I attended the glamorous soiree last night … [read more]

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the importance of beauty

November 19th 2013 Comments: 3

Just over a week ago Greg Tankersley, Ray Booth and I returned from the Design Leadership Network Summit.  Many great minds shared with us the latest and greatest in augmented reality, social media, as well as new ways to think about our businesses and how we live our lives in … [read more]

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leadership ahoy

November 12th 2013 Comments: 1

The DLN is an invited members-only group which brings together top leaders in the construction design world. As its website aptly states: CARE: Connectivity, Advocacy, Research, and Education is the foundation of the Design Leadership Network, a community of interior designers, architects, landscape designers, construction managers, members of the media, … [read more]

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open house: lakeside getaway

November 5th 2013 Comments: 3

Nestled in a wooded lot on the shoreline of North Carolina’s Lake Norman lies a grand shingled house we completed almost 15 years ago. A sleepy beast of a house, it almost seems to rise up from a lazy nap to spy who might be trotting up the pier, ready … [read more]

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going dutch

October 29th 2013 Comments: 9

The style’s family tree can be traced back to medieval Holland, Germany, France and Indonesia. In America, though, it’s a design seldom found in the stylistic melting pot of most neighborhoods. With more of our clients exotically traversing the globe, that seems to be changing. We’re seeing a greater number … [read more]

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