outdoors galore

October 22nd 2013 Comments: 3

Using her masterful editing skills, Lisa has combed her issues and distilled the best and most beautiful of outdoor living into the leaves of this lush tome. We’re very honored and proud to be gracing the cover of this new book. The image is from a house we designed in … [read more]

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Drawing to a Conclusion: The Art of Architecture Part 3

October 15th 2013 Comments: 17

In my last two posts (or soapboxes, I suppose), I discussed the art of hand drawing in architectural sketches and development drawings. This series concludes with the topic of construction drawings. Construction drawings are the technical drawings in the practice of architecture. They’re the documents that convey to the builder … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Architectural Process

drawing to a conclusion: the art of architecture part 2

October 8th 2013 Comments: 1

Last week I began this series of posts discussing the importance of hand drawing in our process of design. I showed you the first step in the process, initial sketches which are the first steps of the journey. Next, we take those sketches and develop them into design drawings which … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Architectural Process

Drawing to a Conclusion: The Art of Architecture Part 1

October 1st 2013 Comments: 4

As an architectural firm, we’re a bit of a dinosaur. That is, we still vitally practice the art of hand drawing. We apply this archaic craft throughout our design process – from initial sketches to the construction drawings. And, we aren’t planning on changing that anytime soon. Most modern architectural … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Architectural Process

lesson: the value of change

September 24th 2013 Comments: 4

We’ve been discussing some internal changes in our office, so I wasn’t surprised by this suggestion. Bobby also just moved into a new house in Atlanta, so I know a type of physical metamorphosis has been forefront for him. Change is always necessary to promote growth and without varying from … [read more]

open house: low country encampment

September 17th 2013 Comments: 15

My first offering is a second home we designed for a substantially sized family. The house is situated on a wooded river-front lot in Palmetto Bluff, a lovely development in the town of Bluffton, which is located in the low country of South Carolina. Since the house was to serve … [read more]

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movie special affects

September 10th 2013 Comments: 5

It often seems set designers know more about creating evocative spaces than architects and interior designers. Their cinematic spaces are not only often breathtakingly beautiful but also serve as canvases conveying a story needing to be told. What is our job but to create spaces where the drama of our … [read more]

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web sightseeing

September 3rd 2013 Comments: 8

There’s a good bit of our handiwork to be seen here. Please peruse our digital offerings and see what you think. It’s a soft release so we welcome any feedback from our blog readers. Leave your thoughts in the comment area. If you like the design, here’s our brilliant web … [read more]

book report

August 27th 2013 Comments: 2

Authored by Bobby and Susan Ferrier, this will be a follow-up to our best selling book, The Home Within Us (which is now in its 6th printing). This latest book focuses on five lush interiors from our popular Camp at the Ridge lake houses. Art of the House, published by our … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Art of the House

curtain call

August 20th 2013 Comments: 2

One night while seeing Nathan Lane in The Nance (a very good play, by the way), I had finished reading my Playbill and was studying the grand drape: this one in particular was rich red velvet heavy laden with gold fringe masking the proscenium of the gorgeously decadent Lyceum Theatre … [read more]

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