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September 3rd 2013 Comments: 8 Topics: , ,

Last week, we announced our upcoming new book and this week, we’re excited to reveal our newly designed website, found here at mcalpinetankersley.com.
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There’s a good bit of our handiwork to be seen here.

Please peruse our digital offerings and see what you think. It’s a soft release so we welcome any feedback from our blog readers. Leave your thoughts in the comment area. If you like the design, here’s our brilliant web designer.

Thanks as always for visiting our broadcasts. We thrive having you in our homes.

Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley


  1. Deborah (D2Zen) says:

    Making complex information look simple is never easy. You have, on every level. I adore the mood-evocative photos of your work, avoiding the real estate-pic conventions that relegate images to one-glance-is-enough. I wanted to linger over those photos—of work intended to envelop current and future generations of owners. Descriptions of staff members makes me want to scoot in with Stumptown coffee for all, in hope of watching you work for an hour or three. Kudos to Ms. Kendrick for skill and design restraint, too.

  2. Your new website is gorgeous…couldn’t stop looking at all the photographs & work…

  3. curt says:

    Beautiful web sire and the design. My first thoughts at looking at your work was that you were located in the UK. The architecture and photographs evoke some elegant old buildings in Scotland. Stunning work – and to think your just down the road in Alabama.

  4. Elegant and sophisticated with architectural intregrity. My eye is drawn to the greige-sepia tone palette. So far, I love it!

  5. Rodney Simmons says:

    Congratulations on the new website, MT crew! As everuthing you touch does, it is simply beautiful.

    My best from Chattanooga –

  6. CampOdom says:

    This looks amazing!!! Miss you guys!! Camp Odom

  7. Susan A says:

    Oh, hallelujah! What took you so long?

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