Oh, deer!

September 21st 2023 Comments: 1

We are thrilled to be on Architectural Digest online with a web exclusive home tour of the home of Jim and Susan Roland’s beautiful home in St. Francisville, Louisiana. “The house needed to be a glass box—it had views all around. I wanted it to be almost like a louvered, … [read more]

inspiration point

April 28th 2016 Comments: 2

When we begin a new project, our clients often ask “What can we do to communicate what we like?” In the olden days of yore, we’d ask for pictures ripped from magazines that illustrated things that caught their eye. Nowadays, this is typically organized through a high-tech-tear-sheet collector called Pinterest. … [read more]


January 14th 2014 Comments: 7

Traditionally, bay windows are quaint elements furnished with only a long, cushioned seat fit for the single lazy reader or the family cat. We feel, however, these luminous habitats are suitable for much more: their warm, encompassing ambiance should be amplified and celebrated. By enlarging these fanciful devices, we create … [read more]

roof with a view

August 13th 2013 Comments: 1

Perched on roofs like sentinels, their watchful gaze offers witness to life below. As far as architectural design goes, they can be shed, gabled, flat or hipped. That design call should be made based on the overall style of the house. After all, these garret structures can be seen as … [read more]

shutter at the thought

July 30th 2013 Comments: 13

What other element found on the common everyday building can actually move and change the mood of said building?  Their very presence enlivens an otherwise static composition. Shutters, though, aren’t t just wooden bells and whistles; they were always meant for practicality. They were originally designed to provide protection from … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Home Design

mirror, mirror on the window

March 19th 2013 Comments: 2

It’s a shining precursor to the day’s first cup of coffee. With this in mind, one time-honored Southern room-type makes a perfect model for the design of a bathroom – the sleeping porch. In historic Southern houses, the sleeping porch was traditionally located off a major bedroom and served as … [read more]

a sole witness

July 31st 2012 Comments: 4

The lone window is always the heartbreaker of the composition. It can be as sexy as a facial beauty mark or as calmingly beautiful as a framed simple still life. Its larger siblings, the bay window and picture window, may well be brighter and more dramatic but the isolated aperture … [read more]