a sole witness

July 31st 2012 Comments: 4 Topics: ,

One of our favorite architectural devices is so subtle you can easily overlook it. It sits away from everything else; a wallflower watching the party, too shy to join in.

The lone window is always the heartbreaker of the composition. It can be as sexy as a facial beauty mark or as calmingly beautiful as a framed simple still life. Its larger siblings, the bay window and picture window, may well be brighter and more dramatic but the isolated aperture has its own simple solo to sing: an aria so quiet that, if you don’t pause long enough, you may miss a moment of important grace.


  1. Rex Roach says:

    I have always loved tiny, isolated windows, especially when viewed from outside. They offer so much intrigue. The smaller the window, the bigger the mystery.

  2. Sue Murphy says:

    I agree, some times the simple hidden gems speak volumes.

  3. cwhitneyward says:

    What magical person writes your diminutive essays? Amazing to wax poetic about a window so beautifully…

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