half bath, whole hog

July 24th 2012 Comments: 5 Topics: ,

The powder room. The half bath. The W.C. The loo. Once considered a lowly service bath, this tiny necessary has evolved over the years into a grand water closet of decorating drama.

The simple pedestal sink and squeaky medicine cabinet of old has been replaced by garden urns, stone troughs and ornate gilt mirrors. The modern powder room is a miniscule exercise in set design, evoking everything from scared baptismal fonts to the natty English yard man’s garden room. As designers, it’s the one room that begs us not to hold back; a diminutive space that cannot hold too much over-the-top design.  There, in privacy of a locked door, we get to plumb the depths of our wildest dreams and let creativity flow.



  1. wow oh my gosh I love this post! the images are amazing… i especially love the idea of that garden pot being the basin… so qwirky!!! xx Cat

  2. That’s my favorite too! An urn for a washbasin, how cool is that … so unique, so McAlpine.Tankersley!

  3. Leah Stephens says:

    Thanks for the views of the pretty loos!

  4. cindy hattersley says:

    No one elevates the lowly half bath to the style that you all do. I have each and every one of those images on my bath pinterest board…

  5. Such a fun place to show some intimacy and personality. A bathroom sink and some imagination.

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