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December 25th 2014 Comments: 5 Topics: , ,

Every year during the holiday season, the parallel bars stop rolling, whirring pencil sharpeners silence and computers shut down.
8c0cce10d6f1228063e44ce983f12a99We throw the brakes on our breakneck pace and halt for a while. The design marathon, tirelessly trod during the year, ends and the time comes to back up and look at the picture we’ve been painting.  Of course, this allows us time to spend with our patient, oft neglected, families but, for me, it’s always an occasion for reflection.  Amidst the hectic twelve months of designing, drawing, coordinating and countless calls and emails, what have we been doing?

My hope is we’ve been doing what we’ve always set out to do: create beauty where there was none before and, in the process, make our clients’s lives a bit more lovely.  The invitation to assist grace is a magnificent one and one I never take lightly.  It’s simply too darn paramount.  Have we all been made better by knowing each other?  I sincerely hope so.

This year we celebrated our thirtieth year in business. I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long.  I still go to bed thinking of houses and awaken in the same ponderous consideration.  My enthusiasm never waivers on the path of finding home – someone’s home.

We have some exciting developments rising on the horizon this year.  2014 was grand.  2015 will be stellar.  I know that even more.

I hope you all have a peaceful and wondrous holiday respite.

For the moment, my pencil is still.  My mind never is.


Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley

Photograph by Marci Johnson (client and friend – someone who, I know, has improved me)


  1. Happy Hilidays and New Year to you, Lida and the gang!

  2. Shirley Henderson says:

    Thank you for your posts. I always look forward to them and am never disappointed!
    Kind regards,
    Shirley Henderson

  3. Always look your way for inspiration.As I told Bobby years ago his words were as powerful as his pen strokes.His small poetry missive sent me years ago, sustained my beliefs in our visions and our deep inner stirrings to create unique one of a kind enviroments for our clients to enrich our lives and theirs as well.What a gift .How blessed are we.Always learning something new always forced to grow and stretch.
    Greg wish we would have met you when we part of Veranda family.Melanie and Rob have spoken fondly of you .Please keep inspiring us !
    On the Veranda

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