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I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.– Diana Vreeland

As an architect, there are certain key elements found in the typical modern house that are so much fun to design. The entrance door. The kitchen island. Fire fronts. None offers more opportunity for sheer theatricality as the master bath vanity. These altars of self-exaltation beg for over-the-top design flourishes. A good vanity should elevate; it should make the user feel even more beautiful and glamorous (or handsome and dashing) in that moment of approach. In this regard, they are architectural versions of botox. Egos are petted, compliments are whispered and flirtations bandied.

Did I mention that you look great today?
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  1. Lovely picks, dream home worthy 🙂

  2. cwhitneyward says:

    Lovely…lovely…architectural versions of Botox…your words always delightfully amaze me…

  3. I stumbled onto your website and wanted you to know how fabulous your presentations are there …. what a great site! Always the “student” of design from my earliest memories, I so regret not pursuing as a career. An LSU counselor in 1969 did me the grave injustice of talking me out of going into architecture, for as he advised through what I now know were totally artless eyes … “with the world in such turmoil, that seems to be a wasted pursuit”. Well the world might still be considered to be in turmoil by some, but the only waste is that I did not listen to my heart! Just wanted you to know what a wonderful site you have … your company’s work is just stellar.

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