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Cold weather and the fireside beckon a good read. Being visual folk, we’re always drawn to those laden with photographs – tomes bearing the unfortunate label of “coffee table books.” Why is this, anyway? Are they expected to be large expensive coasters?

We have some dear friends and colleagues who have a new book coming out this spring called The Welcoming House. As I pondered Cindy and Jane’s work, I thought of other talented individuals with whom we’ve been fortunate to collaborate.  So here’s a shameless plug for our friends.

If you’ve space in your library (or spare real estate atop that overburdened coffee table), may we recommend these three? (click on the book title to order):

The Welcoming House by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith, Rizzoli Books
The book I alluded to above is the long awaited folio from the lovely ladies behind Circa Interiors (Charlotte, NC and Birmingham, AL). Over the years, we’ve had grand opportunities to work with both designers, including their own homes. It’s fated to be a Southern-charmed best seller. Speaking of collaborators, “The Welcoming House” was designed by Doug Turshen, the talented book designer who also did our book The Home Within Us. We welcome getting our hands on this beauty.
Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors Things We Made, Rizzoli Books
A few years ago we were hooked up with Robin Standerfer and Stephen Alesch, the creative alchemists behind the design firm Roman and Williams, to collaborate on a Manhattan penthouse. This pairing, orchestrated by the client, was an interesting blind date worthy of E-Harmony. Our sensibilities meshed beautifully and resulted in hours of fascinating pencil lead-fueled work sessions. This ominously colored black volume (I jokingly told Stephen it looked like a spell book) is one of the most beautiful design folios in recent memory. It’s filled not only with amazing photography, but with multiple examples of Stephen’s artful sketches. The combination of Robin’s heart and Stephen’s hand is sheer magic.
Houses With Charm, Susan Sully, Rizzoli Books
This collaborator is not a designer, but a wordsmith. Susan Sully, the successful author of many Southern-themed books, was introduced to us a few years ago by our publisher at Rizzoli. She became a natural choice to co-author our book, The Home Within Us. She and her husband, artist Thomas Sully, quickly became dear friends. Available in March, her new book focuses on the utter, simple beauty found in Southern houses. Our business manager Richard Norris’ Montgomery home is included in the eccentric mix. Susan is currently working on our next book and her welcome sweet presence frequently graces our Lake Martin, Alabama homes.


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