a romantic site for a nuptial rite

September 25th 2012 Comments: 4 Topics:

One of the joys of creating buildings and spaces can be found in revisiting and seeing them in full use. It’s like sending your children out into the world and catching up with them later as they mature.

I recently attended the wedding of a client and friend’s son. The setting was the Blount estate, a grand, old Georgian home where we were commissioned (some years ago) to design a private chapel on the property and an English conservatory addition to the house. These proved to be a sacred and exalting background to celebrate the union of two young lives. Delightful satisfaction indeed for creators and users alike. Congratulations Melissa and Clay; a happy life awaits.

The glorious event was masterfully orchestrated by Bob Vardaman Events Management with help from Mary Sanders of Mary Me.


  1. Libby Hartman says:

    NO question. This is the most beautiful conservatory…..orangerie ever! Absolutely stunning.

  2. Bob Vardaman says:

    Beautiful words and photos that capture the moment at this magical site.

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