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The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had – Unknown

The crisp air at the onset of fall is best partaken of and savored in one place – the porch. Traditionally, the porch is the anteroom of the house; an architectural purgatory that is neither the street nor the foyer. The welcome mat of rooms, it’s where you sat in peaceable weather, ready to receive guests. In this fashion, your company could be in your house but not IN your house.  In those days, porch sitting was an event in itself;  an architectural throne presenting the lord and lady of the manor to the outside world.  Or, merely, just a place to shell peas.

In today’s homes, however, the various functions of porches have evolved. They’ve been given the job of outdoor family room, made for lounging, dining and general quiescence.  During this transition, they’ve no longer solely relegated to the staid position in front of the house; they adjoin wherever a view, a chair and a cocktail are called for.  A staple of the Southern home, the porch is an everyday vacation spot, offering rest, conversation and overall escape from the daily pressures of inside life.

If you’re in want of a break today, shed the laborious mantel of responsibility and go out on the porch for a minute.  Wrap yourself in the refreshing fall air.  I bet you’ll find yourself refueled and made better.


  1. Libby Hartman says:

    Not a flimsy appendage among them, not one. The strength and integrity of every structure is what I love about McAlpine Tankersley.

  2. Becky Taylor says:

    Time to go to the brown house . . .

    Rebecca B. Taylor

    Church of the Ascension

    Montgomery Chorale

    315 Clanton Avenue

    Montgomery, AL 36104

    (334) 263-6433

  3. cwhitneyward says:

    Ah…yes…the front porch..your beautiful words conjured up a lovely porch picnic..Let’s see…French toast slathered with blackberries and apricot/maple syrup…tangerine juice…mugs of coffee…

  4. Zane says:

    I like your patio. It reminded me of our home where there were window shutters perth, too to shield us from the rain or harsh wind. You have a lovely home.

  5. Mazie Gentner says:

    I want to see more outdoor wicker furniture because I want to renovate my garden and make it look like a Zen garden. I’ve got some good ideas from these pictures and I am excited to start renovating my garden.

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