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Where in the world do you start when you begin to design a house?

This question is often asked of us. Some assume we visualize the house as an object in the landscape and begin there. Some architects do work this way; they see buildings as sculptures meant to be inhabited. We, however, design from a different perspective. We approach the creation of a house from the inside out.

The most rudimentary space is created when a person sits across from another. All rooms are meant to embrace this most basic structure. This simple fellowship necessitates a room, this room then requires auxiliary spaces and this congregation of rooms eventually grows into a building. The seed of this plant, though, is always a gathering of furniture.

If you start with an auspicious room, the exterior of the building will follow suit. A house is like a great and altruistic person, if its heart is pure and balanced then its outside will project that inner harmony. We approach architecture from an interior point of view because we wholeheartedly believe the content is more important than the packaging. A pretty box cannot atone for a poor, ill-conceived gift.

The most exceptional house in the world begins with the simple melody of a sofa, a pair of chairs and a fireplace. The rest is orchestration.


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