no white after labor day?

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One of the most time-honored fashion traditions is to pack up the white clothes after Labor Day.
Historians think this maxim stems from class divisions at the turn of the century when lightweight clothes were a symbol of the well-to-do. Back then, Labor Day marked the time the affluent returned from vacation, stowed the summer clothes and went back to school and work.

Whether or not you follow this unwritten fashion convention, the presence of white in interior design is welcome year-round;  it transcends all seasons.  It’s classic, yet fresh.  As the most basic of neutrals, white’s presence crisply invigorates an interior and un-muddies the palate. In a traditional or contemporary interior, it serves as a bed of rice ready to accept a sauce of any flavor.


  1. Victoria Athens says:

    If white in interiors is used as tastefully as you use it, then it is a color to happily live with year round.

  2. melissa lee says:

    I love, love, love white,it rocks my world.. But, I find that now, I am being drawn to color.. Could I be entering into an expansive period of my life???

    Melissa Lee

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