The outdoor season is upon us and we now find ourselves designing more outdoor spaces than ever before. We’ve always believed the interior and exterior of a home should have a seamless integration and provide areas for entertaining, contemplation and connecting with nature.

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to landscape and when you’re lucky enough to work with master landscape designers, beautiful ideas come to fruition. Creating concepts for outdoor areas is complex and always in coordination with mother nature.

For Bobby McAlpine’s own house, the collaboration with Mike Kaiser proved to be a winning combination and proves that even a limited space can become a majestic garden.

For Ray Booth’s Nashville home, the vision was to extend the living space into the landscape with expansive terraces and gardens. Every aspect of the interiors focused on the distant mountains and paid homage to nature’s surrounding beauty.


  1. Kass Wilson says:

    These are stunning. Perfect settings for good company and a bottle of wine!

  2. Living in one of these homes would be dream-come-true!

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