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VERANDA magazine celebrates a milestone anniversary.

Twenty-five years ago this April, a smart and determined lady with an abundance of style and a desk full of images published her first issue. That lady was Lisa Newsom and a quarter of a century later, her brain child (now helmed by Dara Caponigro under the care of the Hearst publishing group) has blossomed into a major icon in the publishing industry.

Over the years, we’ve been honored to be featured by this discerning magazine many times and even graced the cover of four issues (pictured here and, coincidentally, all photographed by the brilliant Peter Vitale). The magazine’s coverage and avid readership has played a large part in the ever-widening spread of our work across the country. For that, we owe Lisa and VERANDA a huge thank you.

Happy Anniversary and may you enjoy 25 more years of success!

Upcoming is “The Houses of VERANDA”, a celebrated new book edited by the always stylish Lisa Newsom. We’re proud to have three houses included in this collection, which features homes from the magazine’s 25 year history.


  1. Susan P. McLaughlin says:

    The green and white cover with the black lantern and the Virginia Creeper is my favorite Veranda cover of all time. What a beautiful spot, simple, stunning design. Beam me up, Scotty.

  2. Susan:
    Apparently, you’re not alone in your love for that cover. Veranda has told us that issue is one of their top sellers of all time.

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