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March 6th 2012 Comments: 3 Topics: , ,

As a design opportunity, the entrance door is a particular presentation in itself and requires special attention.
It welcomes the visitor and prepares for the story about to unfold. In short, it holds itself out as representative of what’s within.

Similar to houses, entry doors come in all styles, shapes and sizes. Tall, wide ones that have grown to oversized proportions can make you feel like a child readying to enter a magical realm where scale is at question. It seems Alice hasn’t quite gotten the correct cocktail of cake and drink down to the exact science.  Short, squatty ones, on the other hand, almost make you bow to the host at hand.

Glass doors frame the vista inside while flooding warmth into the foyer. Your journey is made clear. Solid doors present a bit of mystery. What’s the surprise that waits behind door Number 1? They can be staid slabs of formality, presenting an air of dignity, or humble and apologetic in nature. Doors can be full of pomp (and ego) or demure and retiring. Still, both are welcoming in their own style. Often, entrance doors are architectural clues that solidly reflect who lives behind their curtain.  What does your front door say about you?

Whatever the style or nature of the house itself, the entrance door will inevitably speak first. It’s the physical overture for the opera unfolding inside.


  1. Lynn D. Clapper says:

    Such a beautiful presentation of how a door can reflect the personality of a home.

  2. Doug Davis says:

    That industrial style fan in the Lake Martin home that’s depicted is a serious piece of machinery! These are all beautiful, though I have to say I’m partial to steel and glass doors myself.

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