the power of rooms

February 21st 2012 Comments: 5 Topics:

Stumbling on the same evidence again and again I’ve discovered a few secrets of my instincts

and they have led me to my parents

I’ve come to know how I have walked and prospered

in the presence of a love that has little circumstance

that all I have done these last twenty years

has been in front of the fixed plate of a benevolent love

on reflection I see the beginnings of a growth in its likeness

in this work, I plant this host that graces me

You see everything good is traceable to love so I dream of places with hearts

so big they are quiet

so tall they are quiet

so long they are quiet

so wide

always a host in your presence

asking nothing, giving all

and a place to be in its lap back far enough to ponder the beauty of it all

a witness box, a back seat, quiet, watchful, learning from the host

daring and intense intimacy, healing curative chambers

where house is a metaphor for love

rooms we wade into like a few cocktails til we feel the water rise to tickle our cheeks

and we become weightless, burdens withdrawn with gestures so large that they become quiet

like great love

great love you may dance and play before, for it will never change

never more

it is at your back, warm and earthen, securing any flight

beautifully mixing inertia with ascension

it is to be in the hollow of God’s hands

these are the chambers of the human heart

where lovely things are said, thoughts sustained, kindness exchanged and truth abides

where every object is not its own

where something larger than could ever be there somehow is there

collecting us, affirming us, grounding us, teaching us

the father, the mother, the transportation, the intoxication, the sanctuary

the power of rooms

reminding us we are not out here spinning by ourselves

reminding us we are not alone

after all, what are these rooms but manifestations of our own hearts

that they might be what we have learned

Bobby McAlpine – “Finding Home”  ©


  1. Deborah says:

    Damn! that is really fine. Sacred space created not alone but with the influence of loved others, for loved ones—for now and into the future.

  2. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    How lovely! Thank you. The most treasured of spaces are those we can be completely ourselves with those we love.

  3. Kyle says:

    Man, this entry is super cool. Love the rolling photos. And to think you just got started in the world of blogging and already starting trends here. BTW ~ when can we expect the next book?

  4. hazel says:

    I love the aspect of quiet, as that is what each of us seeks – sanctuary in our homes

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