portal authority

October 16th 2014 Comments: 5

Most see doorways as a practical necessity – a simple way to get from one room to another. I see them as avenues for potential glorification. After all, good buildings are more than just studied plans and composed elevations. Left as architectural exercises in flat artistry, they will be just … [read more]

the printed works: house beautiful september 2014

October 9th 2014 Comments: 6

We are reprinting it with their kind permission. As a bonus for our blog readers, I’ve included some of our original design drawings of the house. The article was written by Lisa Cregan and photographed by Francesco Lagnese. Lisa Cregan: How do you create rooms that glow? Susan Ferrier: Dark walls … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Furniture


October 2nd 2014 Comments: 10

As a senior architectural student at Auburn University, he was our first official summer intern. After leaving us with dreams of New York City in his psyche, he landed a job at Interior Designer John Saladino’s office. Stints with other talented architects and interior designers followed. Many years later, when … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Celebration

parapet peeves

September 25th 2014 Comments: 0

While the angular form of the traditional (and more common) triangular gable has a certain staid formality to it, the frivolity of the Dutch and Flemish parapeted gable always seem to convey friendly invitation. They almost hint the owner has a touch of humor or kind countenance. Their roots originated … [read more]

open house: beach aerie

September 18th 2014 Comments: 1

As Summer wanes, I’d like to open the door to one of our beach homes.  This house, elegantly simple in its design, rests in the popular panhandle Florida town of Rosemary Beach.  Founded in 1995, this seaside hamlet has become a popular destination for vacationers, escapists and design enthusiasts.  Serving … [read more]

musical shares

September 11th 2014 Comments: 4

We have a long-standing Friday ritual called “Show tune Friday.” It’s a musical custom, adored by some (mainly me) and abhorred by others. But in the words of Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” – it’s tradition. Every day, we help to imagine houses that eventually become homes. Recently, I … [read more]

capturing the mood

September 4th 2014 Comments: 5

Our challenge as Architects and Interior Designers is to communicate that mood – the design vision – to our clients as well as to the contractors and craftsmen who see the design through, bringing it to reality. Color and texture, what we refer to as “finish,” is central to this … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: furniture

mulch magic

August 28th 2014 Comments: 13

When visiting a garden, most folks’ pulse slows, breathing calms, and perhaps they become a little meditative marveling at humankind’s manipulation of the flora. Gazing upon a garden can conjure a happy result. However, when I step into a garden new to me, my heart races, and I get giddy … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Gardens

room with a review

August 21st 2014 Comments: 7

The following was written by Deborah Dluzen. Ms. Dluzen lives in Portland Oregon and is a self confessed “stalker” of ours. She’s also a poetic writer. These words (which I discovered on her FaceBook page – stalking you right back, my dear Deborah) perfectly captured the feel of our book. … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Window

a knack for noticing

August 14th 2014 Comments: 12

Let me introduce myself. Like many of the designers at McAlpine Tankersley, I come from a small place with very little in the way of design—and my colleagues will not let me forget it. But although my upbringing could not give me “architecture with a capital A,” it did engender … [read more]

McAlpine Journal: Barn