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Ray Booth of McAlpine Booth and Ferrier has had a long history with our little group.
2014-09-29_0013As a senior architectural student at Auburn University, he was our first official summer intern. After leaving us with dreams of New York City in his psyche, he landed a job at Interior Designer John Saladino’s office. Stints with other talented architects and interior designers followed. Many years later, when Bobby McAlpine decided to start an interior design branch of our firm, Ray was first on his speed dial. He accepted the challenge and position wholeheartedly and, with partner Susan Ferrier, has spent the last 15 years building that budding branch into a mighty tree.

Over the last 14 years another partnership in Ray’s life has equally taken root and blossomed. His name is John Shea.

We’d like to wish Ray Booth and John Shea a resounding congratulations. These two wonderful men were married on September 27th in New York City at an event that was the quintessence of metropolitan elegance and romance. Over 150 family and friends were invited to the glassy penthouse in Manhattan’s tony Meatpacking district. Under the pretense that this was just a celebratory post-nuptial party, attendees were surprised and elated to discover the union ceremony was actually going to take place that night. John’s longtime friend Andy Cohen (of Bravo TV fame) served as officiant for the blessed ritual; witnesses were delighted while Ray and John recited vows, both dear and comic. The partygoers toasted the new couple and danced the night away, enveloped by breathtaking lights of the city that never sleeps. A chance display of fireworks over the Hudson River added to the already impassioned festivities as the spiraling heavens welcomed a new union.

Happy life Ray and John! You have blessed us with your friendship and talents. May you always know love, bliss and peaceful contentment.













Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley

All photographs by Adrian Ferrier


  1. Nancy Nash says:

    Congratulations Ray and John!

    May yours continue to be a life of joy and immense happiness…so happy for you both!

  2. Gaines Blackwell says:

    Congratulations friend Ray to your marriage to John. From the wonderful photos a fine event indeed.

    The warmest wishes,
    Gaines and Jeanne

  3. Bob Vardaman says:

    May you enjoy as many legal years as you have illegal.

    Bob and Garry

  4. Johnny Rowland says:

    Thanks so much for posting the story and photos of Ray’s and John’s special night! Even those of us who don’t know them personally can share in the wonderful occasion of two people … ANY two people … committing themselves to each other. Love is all that really matters.

  5. What an incredible evening and special post. You really captured this great night so beautifully and I’m so happy to have seen everyone and been a part of it. I wish my dear friend and John all the best and know how happy they will be after seeing these gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing this!!!

  6. Janine Dunn says:

    Looks like a night brimming over in a huge sea of love and happiness. I don’t know a single person in these photographs but I could feel a tremendous amount of happiness in each of them. Bobby McAlpine has long been our favorite architecual ARTIST and my husband and I have enjoyed everyone’s wonderful work that we’ve followed over the years. Thank you for sharing such a special event with all of us.
    Best Regards,
    J Dunn

  7. Miabella says:

    I don’t know a soul at that event yet the photographer did an amazing job capturing the joy and love at the wedding.

    Congratulations gentlemen!

    I’ve just recently found the work of McAlpine Tankersley and I love it. Speaking of finding home. I’ve been struggling with finding the look and feel of next home that was in my mind and heart. Your body of work, in particular the Romance home, sings to me.

    I’m looking forward to exploring your blog.

    p.s. Would love to know the name of the photographer!

  8. Phoebe and Steve Crane says:

    To Ray and John,
    Love is all there is.
    Congratulations to you-it’s about time!

    Phoebe and Steve Crane

  9. Valerie Gann Cox says:

    I’ll never forget the opportunity to share this blessed event with my cousin, Ray and new member of our family, John! May your lives be filled with love and happiness. All my love, Valerie

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