italian morningside

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Italian Morningside

May’s End
Far from Alabama
And close to home
Here on Italian shore
My heart envelopes me
And uses its eyes to see
Things strange and familiar
Things it had told me all along
I was not crazy to imagine
Emotional landscape crashing into sea
The difficult beauty of box seats
Cleaving to the least foothold
To witness the transition
Of talkative turbulence
Into favored faithful peace
The precise moment where promise is met
Where jagged thought and stumble is caught
In a dimension captured in language comprehended
That before we retreat back
Into the hills and planes and lessons earned
Certain pilgrimages off curriculum
Prove the worth of journey
That we stay in our works
in our lives by design
And not leave this time
A minute before the miracle
That in every minute exists the possibility
Depicted so blatantly and poignantly
As proved in a magnificent moment of majesty
Where balm of water
Receives an argument of landform
And sky feathers and kisses
The crowded and the terrified masses
Of compressed mountaintops
Clamoring,struggling,starved to be seen and touched
Perhaps fed with proof of kindness
The ebb and tide of the sacramental
The brush of evidence
The faith carried in other days
By having been there
Having seen there
The knowingness of the learned heart
And traveled soul
I will not be the same
But rather more
As I had suspected all along
Not Alone
– Bobby McAlpine – May 2013, Ravello, Italy


  1. Ann Marie Gent says:


  2. There is no place more tranquil and beautiiful than Italy. The words capture the essence of the spirit, but the photos, alone,are transformative.

  3. Beth says:

    can you tell me where this is in ravello? I live in Utah and have been searching for this place as a venue, thanks!!

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