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June 4th 2013 Comments: 0 Topics: , ,

This week I’m traveling with a group of friends in Ravello and Venice and, while roaming about, my eyes have been romanced by the array of balconies in Italy.
It’s as if the buildings are making a teasing offering to an awaiting scene below, holding out promise of something magical yet to emerge.  Romantic perches, these shallow aeries seem to demand witness.  How magnificent it must be to have a golden ticket to these prime box seats, poised to peruse the theatre of street life or the beauty of nature.  It’s no wonder  so many dramatic scenes take place on a balcony.  They stage a brief but succinct moment splendidly in time, allowing one to escape the clamor of the world if only just for a moment – to steal a look, a kiss or merely a cigarette.  Whatever the distraction, balconies provide not only a glimpse of vista but also serene pause.  I think that’s why we love them so.  A blissful moment awaits in their lofty hold.

So I wait below, half expecting Juliet, Evita or the Muppet’s grumpy geriatric duo to appear.  Anticipation draws.  Meanwhile, a few balconies of our design:


Greg Tankersley, for McAlpine Tankersley Architecture


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