Behind the Curtain II

March 20th 2023 Comments: 1 Topics: , ,

The countdown to the release of our new book is heading into its final hours!

We are therefore offering another peek behind the curtain of its creation. Conjuring, producing, and delivering a book is a huge task, not to be entered into lightly, and requires a lot of talented people along the way. We must add: it can be very rewarding and a whole lot of fun. Like most things in life, a good attitude going in helps immensely.

Naturally, it starts with a seed of an idea – and that idea comes from Bobby. With this new book, Bobby desired to feature new work and work for which we weren’t widely known. New work, different work, in a new and different light. Bobby spent hours with co-author Susan Sully developing that seed of an idea into a narrative, written word of complex thoughts. Theory into reality. Once shared with our consultants, Jill Cohen and Lizzy Hyland, we presented this new concept to our publisher, Rizzoli. Upon receiving the thumbs up, we started to match Bobby’s words with our projects, identifying what houses best illustrated his thoughts. We brought in Sam Shahid and Matthew Krause of Shahid/Krause & Company as book designers. They understood instantly what Bobby intended and delivered a beautiful design in a new direction. As perhaps you read last week, photo shoots were scheduled, film delivered, and the masterly work of combining began, putting it all together in a comprehensive design. With the great help of our editor Philip Reeser, hours and hours of editing and proofing followed with shipments dashing between Rizzoli’s printing facility in Italy, the Shahid/Krause office in New York, and our office. Then, viola’! Delivery a few months later.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this new book. It is available now from Amazon and retailers everywhere tomorrow.

Happy reading!

Richard Norris

Principal photographer, Simon Upton, in his element.
Principal photographer, Simon Upton, in his element.

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  1. Bonnie Pineau says:

    My absolute favorite, can’t wait for my copy to arrive- ordered several months ago!

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