The following story, a tour of our Atlanta, Georgia office, is the cover story of the August issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine. We are reprinting it with their kind permission. The article was written by Elizabeth Ralls and photographed by Erica George Dines.


The buoyancy and empowerment that comes with working in a beautiful setting is just as important as the environment you choose to surround yourself with in your private dwelling, says architect Bobby McAlpine. “What you practice at home can follow you to work,” he shares.

It’s a beauty-as-sanctuary philosophy that business partner and acclaimed designer Susan Ferrier not only espouses but also kept top of mind as she devised the interiors for their newly renovated office inside ADAC. “The emotionality we brought into this space is a higher vibration—and ultimately, it brings out better results in the workplace,” says Ferrier of the crisp but atmospheric mood she and McAlpine have created for their team of 11.

Indeed, it’s powerful, rhythmic gestures, such as floor-to-ceiling drapery partitions, high-back skirted chairs, and wood-planked walls that allow employees of the architecture-and-interiors firm both the privacy to succeed and the freedom to “strengthen a common muscle,” as McAlpine says.

The partners’ holistic approach to design also happens to be smart business practice. Clients who walk through the doors of their new office, says Ferrier, feel a sense of security and ease upon encountering what feels more like a living room than a typical office setting. “Without words, the layout of our office lays any insecurities to rest,” says Ferrier.

Of course, context also played a starring role in the residential feel of their new space. Moving into the “library,” as McAlpine and Ferrier call ADAC, was a bold move, one that raised the level of expectation from neighboring showrooms and manufacturers alike. However, “there’s no substitute for being among like minded people who hold beauty in greater esteem,” says Ferrier. That sense of community, in fact, plays a key role in the firm’s success, as vendors and clients also happen to be great friends. “Our work and our social interaction are so interwebbed,” says McAlpine. “Most of our interaction happens here. So how we go about working and what it looks and feels like is really important.”













  1. Sandra says:

    Susan and Bobby look great!
    Beautiful office

  2. maurie says:

    You all are so very talented. I must say, I can generally spot your work prior to knowing who did it…that is so amazing. What a talented group. Your interiors are so “emotional” and inviting.

    I saw the Instagram post about 20,000 followers (as I am one of them) and quite frankly dont get it. How does Selena Gomez have 92 million and you 20,000??? – it must be that your clientele aren’t “Insta” people, LOL. It should be the other way around! Dont get me wrong 20,000 is insane but the balance it crazy! I definitely think you and your group are the gold standard! No where to go but up!

  3. Nancy LaGuardia says:

    I love the beautiful artwork in all of your projects. Do you have artwork available for purchase?

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