Bountiful Dining Porch

There are two unmistakable signs of Spring in New York City – the first is the sudden appearance of inappropriate articles of clothing and the second is the arrival of outdoor cafe tables. There is something about glorious weather that makes you want to move the feast outdoors.

We’ve always preached that the traditional “dining room” is one of the most stale and unused places in the house. You’re basically made to go in this hermetically sealed museum display on the rare occasion where you must sit down and behave. And because these rooms are seldom inhabited, they become tantamount to an alien planet. Naturally, you can’t wait to get the heck out of there.

But move the activity al fresco and miracles literally occur – formalities drop, laughter increases and ease ensues. It’s as though the open air suddenly allows you to breathe. Dining should not be a hurried scarfing – it’s meant to be savored.

So devour the blossoming Spring. I believe take out is in order.

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Greg Tankersley,


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  1. I’ll bring the wine, what time do you want us?

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