Last week I shared the news of our new corporate marriage and moniker.  This week, I’d like to open the door and invite you into the newest of our four offices.  Welcome to the Manhattan office of McALPINE.

A bit of history of our Northern expansion – a little over four years ago, Ray Booth opened a NYC perch for our interiors business as he was spending part time there and part time at his Nashville helm and home.  When I decided to leave my Montgomery, Alabama post and head North with a few of our younger (and thereby more portable) architectural staff members, we obviously needed more space – Ray’s office was a meager 400 square feet and our growing office of seven people simply wouldn’t fit. We’re close, but not that close.  The office was located in the historic St. James Building in the tony Flatiron District.  Ray and I both loved the location – and I couldn’t complain – it’s two blocks from my apartment!  Also, with the nearby NoMad Hotel (interiors by Jacques Garcia), the Ace Hotel (interiors by Roman & Williams) and the newly announced Rizzoli bookstore right in the base of our building, the area seemed like Design Ground Zero.  We began a search in our current building and, after a few disappointing viewings of those available, we came upon the perfect space.  A long, slender space came available on the 14th floor with four expansive bay windows looking north directly at the Empire State Building.  We all happily agreed – McALPINE had found its very first East Coast catbird seat.

But here, let me show you around:


The St. James Building is located at 1133 Broadway (at West 26th Street).  The esteemed Italian publishing house Rizzoli (coincidentally, the publisher of our books) opened their new store to the left of the building entrance soon after their old and beloved store was demolished uptown.


The elaborate plaster vaulted ceiling in the foyer of our building.


Another detail from the St. James Building’s foyer.  The 19th century building was built as a luxury hotel, standing in one of New York’s wealthiest neighborhoods right across the street from the famed restaurant, Delmonico’s.


Our new logo, fashioned in gilt, adorns our office entrance door.


Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by our conference area. Note the lacquered ceiling panel that floats over the conference table – this along with the dark rear wall and mohair curtains create an emotion of intimacy in the otherwise white, open office.


A view from the conference area into the rest of the office.


A detail of the suspended bookcase and credenza in the conference area.


One of the bay window desks, outfitted with both computers and drafting boards! We bridge between old and new schools.


Toward the rear of the office is where the “service area” is – flat files, copier, printers, etc.  The vistas are nonetheless carefully and artfully composed. Beauty is always foremost, even in the menial.


And finally, a view from the rear looking back toward the conference area and entrance.


No this isn’t a postcard – it’s our daily view! This vista never fails to awe and inspire.


Greg Tankersley,



  1. Dee Coleman says:

    ….and it just doesn’t get much better than this!!

  2. Phyllis Friedsam says:

    Looking at all of your projects always inspires an incredible creativity in me and I have to say,an amazing “Dream” life! I wish you all the best in your future expansions and look forward to viewing all your “Mouth-watering” projects.This is exciting!

  3. RayBooth says:

    Fun to see this today Greg… Can I tell you how great it is to be working in the same office with you again!!! My very first architectural/Desigb office had you in it- love full circle!!

  4. Andy Akard says:

    Gorgeous office! Congrats.

  5. Melinda says:

    Wow! How exciting, well done!!

  6. Cindy White says:

    An impressive space befitting an impressive company – congratulations.

  7. Derilyn Lavender Lee says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wishing you all great success in NY and much happiness.

  8. Porter McCollister says:

    It’s beautiful but we expected no less. Congratulations!!!

  9. Rhonda Summerlin says:

    What a stunning workplace! Looking forward to the creative genius that will surely flow from the beautiful new home of McAlpine. Congratulations & best wishes to you in your new “Up-Town Digs.”

  10. Philip Woods says:

    “When we build, let us think that we build forever.”-John Ruskin
    New York has been indelibly marked. Well done.

  11. Mary Malik says:

    When do I start? My admiration for your creative firm is beyond all that is reasonable.

  12. joe cook says:

    im in the fashion industry, i have an innate attraction to interior design, architecture and beautiful things… so im on instagram, and i click through from one home pic to another and lo and behold i come across McAlpine.. i click on the website and WOW., your projects are beautiful and tasteful and you can see made with love, but mostly that video , the music the words the beatiful shots, it really really moved me and captured what i have always felt a home should be all about but could never put the images and words to the thoughts,, your team has done that ,, congrats,, if i ever have enough money to build my own home , in the quality you deliver, id trust nobody else with my project,,, amazing and congrats on all wonderful things ! Joe COOK NYC

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