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A number of years ago, I was presenting what I thought was a cool idea for a particular interiors device.
My client said she didn’t quite understand why we should consider doing this. I enthusiastically replied “It would be so dramatic!” She dryly retorted “My husband and I are not very dramatic people.” I guess this was a clear case of me not knowing my audience.

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

Unlike this client, I like a bit of theatrics in an interior. If “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” then we should be treading these earthly boards with some fine stage settings. I’ve found that parts of any interior (often those that range from minor to mundane function) can be used to great dramatic effect. Consider big blank walls, hallways, doorways – all dull devices waiting for a bit of showmanship. A bit of clever makeup and spotlighting on any of one of these areas can turn a wallflower into a full-fledged diva. Over-scaled devices, broad strokes and unexpected flourishes are the hallmarks of grand stagecraft – we can and should learn to use the tools of our fellow set designers and decorators.

Part of our role as architect and interior designer is to make the inhabitants of our buildings look and feel their very best. It’s been proven environment can dramatically affect emotional stability and health. So, if we can successfully paint nourishing, life-affirming and elevated backdrops for our daily performances, how much better will the show turn out?

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

McAlpine Journal: Dramatic Pause

Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley


  1. Courtney Czarnecki says:

    Love this post! So I guess I’ll leave my taxidermied bobcat on the hall table by my front door. Dramatic paws…..

  2. Dee says:

    Absolutely fabulous!!
    Sure do miss you around here! Know all is well up there…

  3. maurie says:

    I agree! Evole a feeling for sure. Also have noticed you use a lot of the same or similar landscape painting/photos of trees in your work…can you share the artist? I have been wanting to ask this…They are so ethereal and moody…plus the mossy green & sepia like coloring is so lovely!

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