Chimney Effects

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Simply put, architecture is where function meets artistry. Base needs made glorious by design.

Take the elemental act of building a fire – necessary warmth produces unnecessary smoke. A simple pipe or hole in the roof is all that is needed to provide escape for sooty pollutants. Problem solved. Over time, however, the once-humble smokestack has evolved into a lauded architectural element. The chimney is a towering example of how rudimental has become elevated. As a matter of fact, the modern chimney has become a status symbol – some townships even tax homeowners on the count of their chimneys. These flue-lined monoliths now find themselves bedecked, capped and embellished, lifting their narrow heads proudly into the skyline.

In the practice of architecture, chimneys are lowly exhausts no more. They rise as lofty and high as the smoke they continue to billow.








Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley

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  1. Victoria says:

    Food for thought here – as my husband and I were returning home from Charleston to Greenville last evening we were discussing just this subject. We are planning a new nest and were discussing how many fireplaces, which rooms and where to site them as pertaining to the chimneys. Very timely glad I stopped by.

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