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This weekend, the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art will honor Lisa Newsom, the undisputed grand dame of publishing, with the Philip Trammell Shutze Lifetime Achievement Award in Atlanta.
2015-02-18_0001If, by some reason, you’re unfamiliar with this lovely lady, you’re bound to know her printed handiwork – Veranda magazine, the veritable Southern lexicon of taste, style and design.  Conceived at Lisa’s breakfast table almost thirty years ago, this iconic magazine blossomed under her leadership and is a now a prime feather in the Hearst Publishing cap.

If I could identify one single person responsible for catapulting our work to a national audience, it would be Lisa.  Throughout her career, she’s been one of our most enthusiastic cheerleaders.  Following this tribute are a few images of our work that have appeared in the pages of Veranda over the years.  Her staunch beliefs and enthusiastic support of quality knows no end.  As an example, while other magazines were downsizing, cutting corners or disappearing altogether, Lisa was busy defending her use of high quality (and pricey) paper stock for the magazine.  No surprise that when a then-budding Martha Stewart wanted to add a magazine to her growing empire, Lisa was the one she went to for advice.

A while back, Lisa retired from her editorship, handed off the ship’s wheel and began focusing her talents and energy on two Veranda-themed coffee table books: one of our projects was actually on the cover of one of these books.  After wrapping up these endeavors, Lisa has spent her newly found free time traveling the globe.  Follow her Instagram.  There’s no dust on this gal.

Congratulations on all your your astounding accomplishments and on this well-deserved award, Lisa!  We’re so delighted to have a turn being your champion.  Your smarts, smile and charm have always inspired us to raise our own bar.










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