We’re very excited to announce our new book from Rizzoli publishers, Art of the House: Refections on Design, released last week.
41j6ciVLbkL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_This new book focuses on five wooden cabins at Lake Martin, Alabama. The structures, part of the Camp at the Ridge, share basic architectural DNA but their interiors, all masterfully done by Susan Ferrier, are very different in style.   Siblings all, but with their own distinct personalities.

I want to share how this particular book came about. One sunny morning at the lake, Bobby (who lived in one of the camp houses), noticed that the interior of his cabin held sunlight a certain way and that the accessories gathered took on an almost Dutch still life quality. Gilt objects, combined with rough firewood seemed to be made better by the other’s company. He contacted his dear friend and partner in his interior business, Susan Ferrier, and invited her and her husband, Adrian (himself, a part-time photographer with an equally keen eye), to spend the summer at the lake. As a summer camp “arts-and-crafts” project, they would assemble vignettes of artifacts and document them photographically. It wasn’t until after a few weekends of these sessions, that some type of book seemed to be forming.

Other friends assembled. Author Susan Sully and book designer Eric Mueller were brought to the lake lab to assist in raising this new literary child. Rizzoli, the premier publishing house who published our last book, The Home Within Us, was happy to take on this little pet project. In addition to these artful still lifes, the book also chronicles the cabins in full.

The results of this summertime craft project amongst friends is now polished, gilt-bound and available to share.


Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley


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