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A few weeks ago, the annual summit of the Leaders of Design Council took place in Buenos Aries, Argentina.
8a_Window_3716EDI wrote about our experience here.  Bobby McAlpine was honored to be one of the speakers during the Summit.  He penned a poem about design that was a part of his talk.  We’d like to share it with you:

Beautiful things don’t make beautiful rooms

any more than money makes you rich


facts make you interesting.

We’ve become shoppers

and name droppers.

Hoarders of labels.

Beauty exists when it takes you with it.


When it captures an emotion you starve for


a feeling you well know


a place you well know.

A place where you’d best exist

where it recognizes you.

Unbridled we are free to make manifest

places that exist only in our subconscious.


This is the state in which all the things

we love came from.

When the world did not look like it should

to our hearts

so we made one that did.

These things, however magnificent.


to what’s beneath them.

The call,

the ether,

the foggy accuracy


the divine.


How long must you wait

to have the emotional accuracy

within you

play out?

To walk through this world

in the knowledge of another

is to walk in your true inheritance.

How long must you wait?

This is the good question

I ask myself.

This is my reveal.

– Bobby McAlpine


  1. Leslie says:

    Lovely words from a brilliant, creative mind…

  2. Jen says:

    To articulate the human experience in words AND 3d is an amazing gift. Most can appreciate the soul of a great structure experientially- feeling the warmth of the morning sun as you sip your coffee, anticipating the entry into a gracious host’s event through the threshold spatial transitions, viewing the wonder of nature through articulated framing, enjoying conversations through carefully sized and placed seating and walls and lighting. Few can describe the emotions. Fewer can create it Thank goodness for those that can do for those that appreciate. Thank-you both for writing and sharing.

  3. Mary Jo Bochner says:

    This poem is so thoughtful and well written, I am in awe of your words and your thoughtful design. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy it immensely.

    Mary Jo Bochner

  4. Janine Dunn says:

    What lovely words! I was not expecting to see Bobby McAlpine’s name at the bottom. Not only have I wanted him to build our house for us for years, now I want to marry him!! I’m only teasing but these words were so well written and so beautiful. Their source must be as lovely, as well. Thank you for sharing them.
    Janine Dunn

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