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Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier are like an old married couple, often finishing each other’s thoughts and sentences. It’s no wonder their built collaborations are often so seamless, resulting in a body of work celebrated by some of the top shelter publications in the world.
UntitledOn Thursday, January 30th, the public will get the rare opportunity to crawl into the minds of this creative pair. Bobby and Susan will be sharing the experiences of their combined efforts at the esteemed Cathedral Antique Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets are available here.  It’s bound to be an exciting experience to see and hear how architecture and interior design can work, hand in hand.


Available soon is the duo’s first collaborative tome, Art of the House: Reflections on Design from Rizzoli Books, available for pre-order on Amazon.


Greg Tankersley for McAlpine Tankersley


  1. Tom green says:

    I have followed Bobby’s work since he worked at Jim bargainers shop. Bobby is one of those gifted special humans that the God’s smiled on and gave him that ability to create magic with construction materials, fabrics, bone, horn, sunshine, water, shadows, that somehow always come together to give you that breathtaking YEAH
    That’s what I have dreamed of and didn’t know how too describe it. H ow did Bobby get inside my dream to know EXACTLY what I wanted and then improved on my dreams at least another 100 per cent. I bought ten of his book and gave them to dear friends and clients who immediately called to vent their love and excitement.
    Tom green Eastside realty Montgomery Alabama keep up,the magic Bobby and Susan

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