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Over the years, we’ve been honored with invitations into many lives. The process of designing and building a house is an intimate affair and one we don’t take lightly. Occasionally, those relationships continue long after the last box is unpacked.

Such is the case with our partnerships with Cindy Smith and Jane Schwab, the wonderfully talented women who make up the interior design firm Circa. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina (they also have a satellite store in Birmingham, AL), this powerhouse duo has literally defined the cordial Southern interior.

Now, Jane and Cindy have a brand new book of their own to add to their immaculately chosen coffee tables. The premier publishing house of Rizzoli Books has just released The Welcoming House, a compendium of these ladies’ work. Included in this beautiful book are Cindy and Jane’s own personal residences (both of which we designed). These two lovely homes were previously published in the long-gone and oft-missed Southern Accents magazine. As a matter of fact, Cindy’s 28-foot-wide French stucco townhouse (published in 1993) was so popular in print, it was instrumental in providing our office with many phone calls and new jobs for most of the 1990s. Jane’s extensive renovation of a colonial farmhouse was featured in all its holiday finery in a 2005 Christmas issue. Reprints of their articles are included in this post.

Congratulations ladies on your new published accomplishment! May its pages spread the grace and style you both so grandly possess.



Greg Tankersley, for McAlpine Tankersley Architecture


  1. Carolyn says:

    I still have that clipping of Cindy Smith’s house.

  2. This will make a wonderful addition to my tabletop book collection. Thank you for telling us in the most gracious way I’ve ever seen.
    Big props on this. From another slightly Southern girl.

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