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This month our little blog, “Finding Home”, celebrates it’s first anniversary. During the past year, over 40,000 pairs of eyes from 150 countries have scanned over our ramblings and images.
Thanks for being interested in our thoughts on design, architecture, interiors and life in general. At least we’ve spared you recipes (although we have some good ones if you like).20100413-IMG_9163

To applaud our fans and followers, we’ve decided to have our second giveaway. Our book, The Home Within Us, is now in its fourth printing by those wonderful folks at Rizzoli. We would like to offer a copy signed, not only by the author, Bobby McAlpine, but by the entire office! While many of Bobby’s signed copies exist (he did, after all, spend a year on the road on a nationwide book tour), not one copy exists bearing the marks of the entire creative McAlpine Tankersley clan.

Leave a comment and we’ll see who goes home with this book chock full of good design ju-ju.
All photos by Kris Kendrick


  1. Nancy mitchell says:

    What a wonderful year and how I have enjoyed it.

  2. Mary says:

    Such a great blog to read with some nice ideas to get me started!

  3. Would adore your book. How to enter?

  4. christiep says:

    I have always enjoyed following your work, it has been wonderful having it just show up automatically in my inbox this year. Thank you.

  5. Ann Marie Gent says:

    Personalized by each of you….how special.
    “Where the hand does not work with the spirit, there is no art.” Leonardo da Vinci

  6. Gerald Hightower says:

    Thanks so much for the offer…I continue coming back to this blog for inspiration.

  7. Judith Gries says:

    I too would love having this book. I have admired it from afar seeing the work of McAlpine Tankersley. Most of the blogs I most admire are from DC into the deep south.

  8. mandy says:

    I would love this book. I love all your work. So beautiful.

  9. Addie says:

    Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  10. Mark Mayhall says:

    I already have the book, but I would love to have a signed copy to give to my sister who graduated high school with Bobby.

  11. Patty Anderson says:


  12. margaret says:

    I have saved so many old issues of Southern Accents, Veranda, and House Beautiful with features of your designs over the years and the blog is sheer poetry.

  13. Susan LeSueur says:

    What a generous and lovely addition to any coffee table! Much ♥

  14. I love the blog and I have loved working on your various projects from time to time. I feel like I am in a different time and place, while standing in one of your creations.

  15. Lindy says:

    I always look forward to receiving your email as I have admired your work for years. Congrats on a truly wonderful blog!

  16. James says:

    I have a copy signed by Bobby but would love a copy signed by the whole team. Very much looking forward to the next book too!

  17. Sherri Robinson says:

    Would love nothing better than a signed book from my fav architectural firm.Love everything you produce.

  18. Chris says:

    our office really enjoys your work.

  19. I would love to have a signed copy of your book! I am a friend of Nancy Price’s in Jackson, and a fellow admirer of your work.

  20. Ashley says:

    I would be honored to have a copy of “The Home Within Us” on my coffee table. My favorite thing about your work is the balance between luxurios elegance and welcoming comfort. My best friend’s parents live in one of your homes, and I’ve always loved that every space feels inviting. Dream of living in one of your designs someday!

  21. I remember like it was yesterday Bobby’s eyes lighting up at the thought of renovating a Garden District multi-family. And transform it he did, and a corner of my neighborhood around it.
    Thank you, Bobby and McAlpine Tankersley, for your contributions to the world of design and to the quality of life in Midtown Montgomery, Alabama.

  22. “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Thank you for your beautiful, abiding inspiration!

  23. Brandon Moore says:

    I am all about Design Ju-Ju! Love the blog.

  24. What an absolutely amazing giveaway! One of my favorite books of all time! To have a signed copy would be heaven! Thank you for providing us with inspiration every day via our email box!

  25. You are all so talented! I wished I could be an observer in the office when you are all working on your projects. I would love to see how your collaboration works!

  26. dmacinness says:

    Your designs are the epitome of graceful. Your book would be most likely be the closest I will ever come to owning something designed by you.

  27. Marion Bledsoe says:

    Beautiful site, Beautiful book, beautiful work!

  28. susan says:


  29. Talaria says:

    The home on the cover of the book resembles a house I am just beginning to work on (design drafting). I’d love to see your ideas.

  30. Carmen B. says:

    It would be an honor. You guys are so talented!

  31. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    Winning this delightful book would be a fantastic treat!

  32. Linda T says:

    Although I purchased the book as soon as it hit the market, I would love another to share. Love everything
    about Bobby McAlpine and his incredible talent.

  33. Jon Blunt, ASID says:

    Love your work and would be honored to have a book signed by the entire team!

  34. Marnie says:

    How I would love to own this book!!

  35. Lisa van der Reijden says:

    Would love this book signed by this amazing uber-talented team!

  36. Susan S says:

    I’d love to dream away whilst immersed in your beautiful book! Congratulations on the fourth printing. Should my ship ever come in, I’ll be giving you a call.

  37. Jon T. says:

    In my visits from my home in Iowa to Montgomery and Lake Martin, the shelter magazines that I read, and your wonderful blog, I am always in awe of the work that you do there and around the globe. Congratulations and cheers to much success in the future!!!

  38. Bill Holloway says:

    You guys are incredibly talented. Thanks for sharing your work!!

  39. Karen Carlson says:

    I believe you are one of the best Architects and Architectural Firms on the planet! I would relish one of your books, signed.

  40. Oh I would so love this book signed by the whole group!! Congrats to you all for a fabulous 1st year!

  41. Courtney K says:

    Because I live in one of the A&P Lofts, I think it is only fitting that I have a copy of this book on my coffee table- even better if its signed by everyone! Thank you for designing homes that are both beautiful and livable.

  42. Hildy Lake says:

    I have been wanting this book for years and look at it longingly every time I go to the bookstore!!!

  43. Linda Jones says:

    I count your sight as one of my favorites. I love the blend of pictures and writing and really enjoy the poetry. It seems to come straight from the heart but still has feeling of sophistication and elegance. I have a quote by you that I kept where you speak about the marriage of permanent and perishable, building with stone and steel and thatch and wood and the importance of that blend in a building and in life. Your blog seems to carry that same feeling. Thanks, Linda Jones

  44. Twila says:

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary!!! And on the fourth printing of your book!!!

  45. Robert Kwolek says:

    I enjoy the blog a great deal. Your firm is one of a few which has weaned me off the modernism taught at university and opened my eyes to an alternate, often more beautiful path.

  46. Your writing always resonates with me. And I love that you chose to celebrate the anniversary with such a gracious act.

  47. Shandry P says:

    This book looks wonderful! I so enjoy your postings!

  48. Grant says:

    thanms for sharing your very special talents with the world!

  49. Victoria Athens says:

    Congratulations on your first anniversary. I have enjoyed reading your elegant and inspiring blog and look forward to many more posts…and even recipes, if you choose.

  50. Cheers to you on your blog-iversary! Your book signed by Bobby and the rest of the crew? = a treasure I’d cherish forever 🙂

  51. Dwight McNeill says:

    I’m a newbie to your excellent blog but a long time fan of the work. Congratulations on both!

  52. Aaron Cote says:

    Big fan. Have looked through the book but do not yet own it.

  53. While I own and love this book – a copy signed by the entire office would be treasured! As an architect myself in a collaborative office I know it’s the whole that makes the magic happen.

  54. Can not believe that I just now found your site (Mary Prillaman shared it as one of her favorite things in the current issue of Atlanta Homes.) I look forward to reading past posts. Congrats on a year. While I purchased this book the second I found out about it I would love to have a signed copy and would then give my book to a reader on my blog. I have been a fan of ‘both’ or yours for years… even stalked the cover house about 12/13 years ago on a roadtrip from Dallas to the Scott Show- after its first Veranda debut! Just a drive- by though, promise;)
    Happy to find you.

  55. Gretchen says:

    I used to live in Montgomery and love following your blog and your work. Splendid!

  56. jep says:

    I’ve found it! Thanks, jep

  57. Terri Littlejohn says:

    I am such an admirer of your work and love this blog. Congratulations, and wishing you continued inspiration and success.

  58. Debby says:

    I have just stumbled upon “Finding Home” and feel an “architectural hug” each time I read an entry. Read Turesdays post as we were leaving Rosemary Beach where each day we enjoyed walking by your amazing work. Your book would be a welcome edition to our library. Congratulation on your first anniversary.

  59. April Sullivan says:

    Beautiful work!

  60. Jim Yeaman says:

    Honored to have you all as “neighbors” here in the Garden District and Old Cloverdale!

  61. Derilyn says:

    I have a copy signed by Bobby and would love one with Richard and all the other wonderful & talented people of McAlpine Tankersley signatures. Such incredible work!

  62. Ingri says:

    I discovered Bobby McAlpine through Pinterest, when through the rabbit hole one night I realized there was a common voice behind so many of the images I had collected for my escapist fantasies… how much I’ve enjoyed feeling transported by your spaces, and inspired to make my home as absorbing.

  63. Ashley says:

    You ALL are such rockstars. I would cherish a penned copy!

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