close quarters

January 29th 2013 Comments: 4 Topics: ,

In this vast world, we have always sought to wrest control over our little parts of it.
Take our personal natural surroundings, for instance. Man (as designer and self-designated caretaker) throughout history has attempted to lion-tame Mother Nature. As a matter of fact, I’m sure even Adam grew frustrated trying to weed the Garden of Eden.Bobby Mcalpine2

When we are able to shrink the landscape down to an understandable size, we humble gardeners (with limited time and energies) can suddenly face the daunting tasks of sculpting nature. As an architectural feature, the courtyard creates such spaces. Sort of like an outdoor terrarium, surrounding walls tenderly hold and tame the environment. Vacuumed carpets of lawns are bordered. Specimen plants are arranged like treasured furnishings. The overwhelming world then becomes contained and miniaturized into a realm of manageable control. Canvases usually reserved for the artistic hand of God suddenly become available to the creativity of the mere mortals.

Box up your verdant dreams, pilot your wheelbarrow and head to the caressing confines of a courtyard.




  1. Victoria Athens says:

    Courtyards can be such beautiful, intimate spaces. Yours surely are.

  2. Nancy Mitchell says:

    As always, a pure delight.

  3. Sue Gaviller says:

    Beautifully put – couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. This place is wonderful, I do not know whether it is better to express it, the garden and pool are beautiful.

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