This is the final installment of a three part series spotlighting the McAlpine office interiors.  This week:  McAlpine Booth and Ferrier‘s Atlanta office.

With a toehold firmly established in Nashville, MBF set its sights on Atlanta. Hartsfield International allows fluid access to an ever expanding client base; the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center and nearby shops offer designers great shopping and personal access to important vendors.

For 10 years, the original Atlanta branch was located in quaint Avondale Estates, seven miles outside the city center. Recently relocated within the bustling complex of ADAC, this iteration is an open studio space artfully defined with furniture, an enormous chandelier and floor to ceiling panels of gossamer drapery. These twelve foot tall fabric shields delightfully filter and hourly interpret the light from the storefront back through two flanking rows of desks and drawings tables to the conference table nestled for meetings.

In this inspired and light embellished place, with clients as muse, the designers gather dreams, hopes and desires to create a loving sense of home. The calm and contemplative use of large scale pieces, bounty from travels, stills the air aswirl with imagery, texture and color.

Here, the daily creative effort is performed with joy and genuine care for those destined beneficiaries. Here, designers reach toward that which is good and lasting, appreciating the gifted foundation they’ve inherited and ever eager for all that remains to be done, seen and created in the name of Home.

Detail photos by Kris Kendrick


  1. Such a beautiful post…I cannot imagine being able to work in such a fabulous environment! Thanks for the tour!

  2. Judi Anderson says:

    Beautiful — I would never want to leave.

  3. Wow what a place to work! Maybe we should do a blog on our offices… how the other half work 🙂

  4. Ashley Grant says:

    Hello. I follow your blog and am an extremely passionate fan of your work! and of your writings. I don’t live far from Seaside and Rosemary Beach where I am fortunate enough to enjoy your architecture regularly! I am writing to ask a specific question regarding a source, which I hope you don’t mind my asking. In this particular post I love the gossamer fabric and in particular, how it drapes. Would you happen to know where I can order this fabric and any particulars about it; i.e. color, weight? I am setting up a design studio and would love to use this much as you have to soften the space. Thank you!

    Ashley Grant

    • Ashely:
      Thanks for being a fan! I’m happy to share a resource. The sheer drapery is available from a company called RoseBrand. They are a theatrical drapery supply company in New York City. The material is a natural scrim and is very inexpensive. This company will not only supply the fabric but will also manufacture the panels to your specifications. Best of luck.

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