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August 28th 2012 Comments: 4 Topics: ,

To wrap up the dog days of Summer, a love poem to our canine pals:

Selfish is the love of dogs
Selfish of me that is
To wade in their gaze
Drunk in love
They teach me
Teetering on an older person’s lenience
They watch and forgive me fluidly
And do not ever really waiver in their hearts
Erratic circumstance is ridden through
Skewered by unwavering love
And won
Theirs is a gladness
In the opportunity.
Powerful machinery they possess.

-Bobby McAlpine, Finding Home

A few pictures from previous publications where our work was distinctly overshadowed by the beauty of the four legged models:

Bobby even designed a directoire-inspired console with a dog bed built in. From the McAlpine Home line and available from MacRae.

Go give your dog a hug. They really do make the grandest home accessories.  Special thanks to our models: Joe, Agnes, Lucy, Scrappy and Ella.


  1. HA says:

    love the blog

  2. Joni webb says:

    I need that dog bed! DARLING POST!

  3. Love this post! What a wonderful tribute to our “best friends”!

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